March 06 2024

The AI-act has been approved by the COREPER

What is it exactly? The AI Act is the world’s first comprehensive AI law. Its aim is to define different AI systems with different levels of risk and establish obligations for users and providers of those systems according to those levels. It’s...

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May 25 2023

A first step in the right direction

On May 11th the AI Act’s committee voted and approved a new version of the AI Act, a version that shows that the European Institutions and the AI Act rapporteurs have listened to the concerns of the creative community and to our requests. As you...

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February 10 2023

We need your help

We are looking for motivated professionals to join our team. To be as effective as possible, EGAIR needs at least one spokesperson from each country of the EU. Spokespeople are put in touch with politicians, act as EGAIR’s representatives for...

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February 09 2023

EGAIR is online

Welcome to the official website of the European Guild for Artificial Intelligence Regulation. EGAIR represents a group of professionals from the creative field, associations and companies pushing for a European regulation of AI companies.  In...

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